Tulipan Prices
All our prices are in polish zloty (PLN).

All rooms are double, with private bath. Price includes breakfast.

Room #1 175,00 PLN
Room #2 175,00 PLN
Room #3 175,00 PLN
Room #4 175,00 PLN

Meals and Snacks
Noon and evening meals are available with prior reservations! It is possible to prepare beverages (coffee, tea) by yourself in our charming kitchen. Unfortunately, no other private cooking is allowed!

Lunch (per person) 35,00 PLN
Supper (per person) 27,00 PLN

Other Amenities:
  • Guide, drive, translate service 300,00 PLN a day
  • Just guide 150,00 PLN a day
  • Additional single bed 40,00 PLN (possibility in room no. 1 + 2)
  • Additional breakfast 25,00 PLN
  • Guests with a dog: one time charge 30,00 PLN
  • Laundry 15,00 PLN per load